Sunday, December 12, 2010


Transcendence of Trees

Meandering though wild orchid groves

Wooden limbs sprouting through blistering toes

Tangled in roots of thriving emotion

Perched on a bough of utter devotion  

Magnetic fervor penetrating the skin

Thawing the Siberian fortress within

Pulsating and vibrating in rhythmic cadence

An electric current of burgeoning radiance

Withering trees who thought they’d never mend

Through abounding love shall transcend.  

The Collaboration of Sound

The ebb and flow

Of eloquent harmony

Dilute our divided identities 

Fluid raptures of consciousness

Cascade like streams of celestial bliss

Infused with the steady beat of the cavernous drum

The heart pulsating with the melodic hum

Bohemian vigor dancing in my veins

Evoking the pleasure pathways of the brain

As separation and ego contest with resistance

Through the collaboration of sound

Divinity reveals its ubiquitous existence.

Summoning the Goddess Within

The scent of sandalwood and sea-salted sweat

Dance like gypsies with no regrets

As they trickle down each vertebrae of her neck.

Under the rays of a blazing sun

Bare feet blackened as she runs

Through the foliage of ancient canopied trees

Releasing her cares to the placid breeze

Out of breathe and collapsing to her knees

Legs rooted deep within mother earth

Arms outstretched to the vast universe

The sound of stillness replacing the incessant race

As she absorbs the essence and purity of grace.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Path of Progress

Progress does not always proceed in a solitary direction of forward motion. Often, after advancing a few steps, it regresses backwards as it gradually shifts towards expansion.  It can be challenging to see beyond the parameters of our expectations of where we think we “should” be in life.  At times it may feel as though we are going in circles without making any headway at all.  

I’ve come to realize, when acquiring new habits, lapses into callow automatic reactions are a natural part of the process. For me it is essential during such times to practice patience and unconditional self-acceptance. 

I have two choices when faced with this dilemma: I can choose to condemn and emotionally punish myself for my failures, or I can choose to be gentle with myself, embracing the fact that I am human and have imperfections.  This does not excuse my deeds, I still must take complete responsibility for my actions, but it allows me to detach my conduct from who I am as a person. I am not my behavior and just because I make mistakes, it does not mean I am deplorable individual. When I allow myself to take this perspective, it gives me the opportunity to separate from shame based beliefs, objectively decipher what went wrong and apply this information to future situations.    

Life is a perpetual experiment of trial and error as we are propelled towards self-actualization.  I have no regrets, as such qualms are futile.  Every decision I’ve made has accelerated my growth and allowed me to evolve into the person I am today.  Life is too short to dwell it what could have been if only.  It has been said “the point of power is in the present moment.”  Only when we are completely immersed in the now can change occur. And so it is. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Birthday Bliss

Twenty -Six years ago at 7:48pm I was plunged into this world.  Innocent and completely connected to the unity of the universe, I had no concept of time or self.  Uncontaminated by the conditioning of society, I existed as pure energy.  As the years progressed and domestication took place, my loving and limitless essence was replaced by fear and restrictions.  I was taught to reject and neglect many aspects of myself as I looked to the others to fulfill my needs and desires. As I placed expectations on this outer reality, it inevitably produced disappointment. 

In a metaphorical sense, we are all fallen angels who descended to this existence to learn to heal ourselves and each other.  Each occurrence and each relationship we encounter is a reflection of our inner world.  These externals serve as a gauge in guiding us towards self-actualization. 

Recently I was told that the Greek translation of the word “uni-verse” is “one-song.” My experiences have revealed to me that the ultimate lesson in life is learning to get back to that innocent consciousness we had as an infant.  I believe life is a progression of growth and transformation as we each strive to reach our infinite possibilities. On an individual level, we are provided with lessons to learn. Sometimes they are achieved with ease. Others may be a struggle, repeating themselves until we surrender. As a species, we are in the continuous cycle of evolution and metamorphosis. Each of us contributes to this process. And by that I mean we all have the ability to make a difference whether it is positive or negative.

Today I chose to direct my energies in a constructive manner. My past was wrought with self-destruction, as I inadvertently shattered my worth. When I finally reached a moment of clarity, I began to mosaic the broken pieces into a beautiful and intricate design. With practice, patience and perseverance, I’m becoming a skilled and successful artist on this canvas we call life. Each breath, each moment, each word and each action I take is carefully constructed with meaningful intent.  And so it is.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

“From Biology to Buddhism: The Science of Spirituality”

I’m beginning to assimilate a deeper understanding of how connected we all are, not only to one another, but also to the collective energy source. This week has been a reminder of this ubiquitous unity. We are all teachers as well as students.  Each day I am presented with lessons of the universal laws of life.  I can choose to flow with these natural decrees or I can struggle against the current. I believe everything in life has a purpose and reason.  If I decide to be in alignment with this force, I will always be propelled towards the realm infinite possibilities. 

 “The Joy of Living, Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness,” explores such phenomena from a spiritual and scientific level.  Written by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, an immensely wise Buddhist monk, the book integrates the study of the biology of the mind with experience of shifting consciousness. Through my own meditation and yogic practices, I can subtly comprehend this transformation.  

According to Rinopche, “when neurons connect they form a bond very much like old friendships.” These neurons habitually send the same messages between them just like “old friends reinforce each other’s judgments of people, events and experiences.” This association process is what forms mental triggers and patterns. Neuroscience reveals that recurring experiences alter the functioning of the brain.  By consciously changing your perception, which is the primary function of the Buddist philosophy, it is possible to eradicate the barriers you’ve created to reaching your limitless potential. 

It amazes me how truly complex and intricate our mind really is. The psyche is in a perpetual process of transition and the spirit is the guiding power behind it.   As I continue to embark on this journey in exploring the inner-workings of my own cognitive processes, the more fascinated I become. And So it is.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

“Applying Toltec Wisdom”

      From the Toltec tradition and “The Four Agreements,” I’ve learned to not take anything personally.  This week, I applied this knowledge to a once anger-provoking situation.  I was astounded at the positive outcome that was elicited. 

Late Thursday night, as I was procrastinating packing for my trip to San Diego, I received a hostile text from a phantom of my past. There were several unresolved issues between this person and I that still lingered.  She aggressively informed me that she felt disrespected by something I had recently done.  Instead of replying with an antagonistic and condescending response, which was my initial reaction, I made the decision to answer instead with compassion.  Adhering to another agreement, “being impeccable with your word,” I chose my response carefully.  First I made the discernment that whatever her resentment was about, in reality it had nothing to do with me; hence there was no reason to take it personally.  As with everyone, her frustration was a reflection of her own internal filter system which was being projected onto me. I then recognized that her bitterness, trepidation and pain were a cry to be nurtured.  I apologized for acting in a way that upset her and assured her my intent was innocent.    

As the conversation progressed, her animosity dissipated and we actually began to bond.  The interaction created healing for both of us.  We were presented with this opportunity to begin the process of resolving the negative feelings that had been generated through the years. Though I am aware that it will take time and effort for the trust between us to be established, I knew that this was a constructive foundation.  Overall, I felt invigorated and as though an immense weight had been lifted from me.  

The progression of transformation I’ve experienced since I began my journey is remarkable.  When I alter my thinking to align with love instead of fear, I change how I feel and get different results. It’s a simple formula to live by and with each occasion I have to practice these principals the more ingrained they become. And so it is.            

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shifting Perspectives: Are you living in love or fear?

It is my belief that we primarily have two choices in life: to think and act in accordance with fear or to be in alignment with love.  This week I experienced a lesson in shifting my perspective along this continuum. 

On my way home from chi gong, I stopped at the CVS by my house to pick up some lavender Epsom salts.   As I waited in line, there was an older couple, perhaps in their late sixties, at the register in front of me.  In my mind, which was focused in a mode of impatience, they were slow and sluggish.  As the man struggled with the credit card machine, my annoyance grew.  Silently, I criticized this man’s observable senility.  Once I recognized my insensitivity, I took a moment to analyze it.  What was manifesting as agitation, was actually fear in disguise; fear of myself getting older and becoming feeble-minded. At this point, I was able to shift from a place of fear and judgment to one of love and compassion, my restless impatience instantly lifting.
        Though the choice to be in a state of unconditional love for myself and others is not always such a simple task, the more I practice this shift, the more habitual it becomes.

So how do we apply this new strategy?  The first step is recognizing when your emotions are being expressed as fear. Then, once this understanding is established, you must take the time to investigate what the fear is really about.  If the fear is based on a firmly held belief, we may need to begin to dispute this belief. Some questions you may want to ask yourself:  Is there evidence to support this thought? Does this thought help me or hurt me? What thoughts can we use to replace this thought that are more realistic and loving?  The result is we consciously shift our perception from one of fear to one of love.  And so it is. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…”

Living a few blocks from the inter-coastal, I tend to go for brisk walks to the water often.  Every time I venture on these mini-excursions, I take the time to consciously connect with my breath and the serene nature that surrounds me. On one such occasion this week, I was greeted by a neighbor’s amiable tabby cat.  She affectionately pushed her faced into my hands and pranced around me, her tail and body gracefully warping around my limbs. Every time I attempted to walk on, she darted in front of me and blocked my path.   

During our brief encounter, my heart was captivated with the pure bliss of living completely in the present moment.  The first thought that emerged in my mind was “if only humans could express such genuine love and kindness to a complete stranger without fear or judgment.” After saying this to myself, I smiled as “Imagine all the people” began orchestrating in my head.  Although the notion may seem as naive and idealistic as a Beatles song, I began to contemplate the concept of unconditional love.  It’s an attractive theory, but is it truly possible, not only at an individual level but for humanity as a whole?

This questioning catapulted me back to the famous Gandhi quote “you must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  It’s amazing how much truth resides in such a simple statement.  The most significant contribution I can generate in my existence is to offer my best and lead by example.   Every day I am blessed with the chance to challenge my character flaws and express my limitless perfection. Every day is an opportunity to think and act in accordance with my divine potential.  Each of us has this option as a possibility within us.  One day at a time, one person at a time, we can transcend the hatred and negativity that plague our society and replace it with love, compassion and understanding. And so it is.