Sunday, December 12, 2010


Transcendence of Trees

Meandering though wild orchid groves

Wooden limbs sprouting through blistering toes

Tangled in roots of thriving emotion

Perched on a bough of utter devotion  

Magnetic fervor penetrating the skin

Thawing the Siberian fortress within

Pulsating and vibrating in rhythmic cadence

An electric current of burgeoning radiance

Withering trees who thought they’d never mend

Through abounding love shall transcend.  

The Collaboration of Sound

The ebb and flow

Of eloquent harmony

Dilute our divided identities 

Fluid raptures of consciousness

Cascade like streams of celestial bliss

Infused with the steady beat of the cavernous drum

The heart pulsating with the melodic hum

Bohemian vigor dancing in my veins

Evoking the pleasure pathways of the brain

As separation and ego contest with resistance

Through the collaboration of sound

Divinity reveals its ubiquitous existence.

Summoning the Goddess Within

The scent of sandalwood and sea-salted sweat

Dance like gypsies with no regrets

As they trickle down each vertebrae of her neck.

Under the rays of a blazing sun

Bare feet blackened as she runs

Through the foliage of ancient canopied trees

Releasing her cares to the placid breeze

Out of breathe and collapsing to her knees

Legs rooted deep within mother earth

Arms outstretched to the vast universe

The sound of stillness replacing the incessant race

As she absorbs the essence and purity of grace.

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